The “Piers Corbyn for Mayor of London” Campaign

Piers provides Extraordinary leadership for Extraordinary Times

Piers is a very experienced campaigner, political activist and scientist whose leadership in crucial campaigns (e.g. Housing, Transport, Jobs, Student Rights, Climate Realism and defending rights against CV19 diktats) has achieved victories against all odds. He has wide ranging experience across many political parties and movements providing crucial advice at crucial times. He was a Southwark Labour Councillor 1986-1990 and led the council-business consortium board which built the waste-to-energy station (SELCHP) on the Southwark-Lewisham-Greenwich border. Piers is an accomplished, internationally-known scientist – astrophycisist and meteorologist – and runs www.weatheraction.com long range forecastors which he floated on the London Stock Exchange in the late 1990s. He knows London well, and has lived in many parts of it for 55 years. WE NEED HIM NOW!

The Great Debate

“I’m starting from now an open public Great Debate, including all sides, about the policies London urgently needs to live again – to break out of the current Covid crisis of doom and also to thrive again in a new better accountable way forward.”

Piers Corbyn
Policies Piers stands for and challenges Sadiq Khan, MPs, Government "scientists" and policy makers to public debate.
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Where Piers Corbyn as Mayor, would not have direct control over certain fields of policy, he would put pressure on government and councils via campaigning and discussion for the benefit of Londoners and the London economy.

Independent scientists (not funded by interests in vaccines and Big Pharma) have proved that the government’s restrictions have no scientific basis and cause more deaths than they claim to stop therefore Lockdowns, Tiers, distancing, masking etc must end.

  1. MASKING is mad.

    Masks don’t stop the spread of anything as small as a virus and they cut your oxygen supply.END MASKING.
  2. DISTANCING is daft – harmful, causes anxiety and weakens of your immune system.END DISTANCING!


  3. LOCKDOWNS are ludicrous.They don’t work (proved by data eg Sweden + UK). 



  4. TESTS (eg “PCR” tests) do not work (as pointed out by Michael Yeadon ex VP Pfizer), giving “40% false positives”.  



  5. Covid19 vaccines are still experimental and experts have warned of many dangers including reducing fertility. Our immune systems are more effective than the vaccine. END ALL THE VAX ROLL OUTS IMMEDIATELY!


  6. THERE’S NO PANDEMIC (no excess deaths compared with other flu seasons).CV19 was no longer considered to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease on 19/3/20. A “dangerous Covid19 symtons causing virus” has not been isolated under standard tests. Whether it exists or not the Covid rules and crashing the economy are not justifiable in any terms.

    Talk of a “NEW DANGEROUS MUTANT” Virus is baseless and a HOAX.

The truly vulnerable from flus/viruses/all illnesses etc would be fully protected and supported

References via www.stopnewnormal.net

The proposed ULEZ is 18x bigger than existing one. It’ll ruin business. Longer journeys make MORE pollution!

  • Set up a new anti pollution task force to get more effective reductions in London air, noise, bright light and radiation and other pollution.
  • Review impact and risks of existing ULEZ (covering same as congestion zone) in terms of all factors including business and family life impact and longer journeys to avoid the zone. Journeys and diesel / petrol pollution can go up 50% and typically 20% in zone avoidance driving.
  • More stringent rapid reporting and action against polluting vehicles which need servicing (this includes buses and some motor bikes at times).
  • Investigate technological advances of smoke and dust removal machines.
  • Massive tree planting along roads. Trees clean air and cut noise pollution.
  • Review discrimination against older (recycled) cars for central London via UltraHigh Emission Zone which is a tax on car recycling. MOT pollution tests are stringent.

Parliament agreed there should be no restrictions against those that refuse to take the Covid19 vaccines. However people in care homes, carers, health workers, teachers and many others are being pressured to take the vaccines. There should be no discrimination against those that follow scientific truth to look after their health, family and friends.

  • A new accountable NHS and Public Health schemes. Create an accountable health and wellbeing service – which puts people’s wellness before the profits of Big Pharma and food mega corporations;
  • Use evidence based science to put pressure on government;
  • Hospitals and other providers to be accountable to the health and wellbeing needs of people.
  • Bring into use flats kept empty by speculators;
  • DEFEND COUNCIL HOUSING and build more secure Council housing;
  • Make DEFENDING COMMUNITIES an automatic key policy consideration for all developments so weakening or breaking-up communities would be a reason for calling in or blocking some developments;
  • Take over empty commercial properties and convert them into homes;
  • Build more secure council housing;
  • Rent control and security of tenure for private tenants.

Sadiq Khan has failed to stem the masacre of communities in London which have been destroyed by developers who have built large quantities of properties many of which are kept empty.

Sadiq Khan has ruled that 36 council estates cannot have a democratic ballot for or against demolition.

He has also failed to use his powers, or put pressue on London Boroughs to end the disgrace of rip-off temporary accomodation used to carry out social cleansing.

  • End police disruption of peaceful gatherings – disband the TSG (Territorial Support Group – a special unit of police thugs);
  • The Mayor must support the rights of heroes such as Julian Assange, other whistleblowers and major struggles against the New World Order (e.g. millions of Punjabi Indian Farmers who have many links with London).


Excessive double yellow (and red) lining obstructs business, freedom of movement (especially for families), taxis, discriminates against low and middle income car users and enables massive profits by private car parks and council highway-robbery parking charges.

Trees absorb smoke pollution, provide oxygen and clean air as well as being part of noise control.

End insistence on cashless society.

There are more policies and details to come.


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